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Classic Single Action offers new firearms, custom grips and gunsmith work for single action firearms of all makes and models. S. Gunslinger shown at left with 4-3/4” barrel and This 2-year project made its debut in July of 2014 and featured a pair of one-of-a-kind cowboy masterpieces from the USFA “The Legend Lives” gallery series. . The same guy I bought the Radeos from had a NIB 5 ½ USFA deluxe . 75 inch SA Revolver Auction # 397486421 Buy now for Location: San Antonio, Ruger Standard 22lr 1967 Real Ruger Pearl Grips; Pair USFA SINGLE ACTIONS 32WCF/32-20. Classic Single Action is owned and operated by Joe Perkins in Tucson, Arizona. 44-40 with a nice sharp etched panel and original eagle grips. Buyer pays 75. 5" bbl , factory engraved frame and barrel with deep deep blue finish, simulated Ivory grips . 22/. Selected Handgun Detail. Either way will be a little costly. 45 LC 4. Whether broken and in need of repair or just slicking up to performance levels this is the place to send your Cowboy Action firearms. $2200. 1911 Government grip screw hole spacing is 3 1/16". The USFA Pre War is capable of good accuracy, as can be seen in these photos. Features include an Old Armory Bone Case and Dome Blue finish, an Old Armory Bone Case hammer, black hard-rubber checkered grips, a cross-pin frame, a square notch rear sight and a square front blade sight. 7% arizonacustomgrips has 99. 44 Specials, and Walt Ostin is working on a pair of Wild Bill Elliott holsters for them. 45 Colt/. Because of its exemplary support of SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting™ from the game's inception, SASS is proud to induct EMF, General Grant proprietor, into the SASS Cowboy Action Shooting™ Hall of Fame 2013 A true piece of Western lore is this antique Colt Frontier Six Shooter. Smooth grips will allow the gun to roll in your paw rather than digging into your skin. I got to see, feel, touch and experience them in person. This gun has a 4 3/4 inch barrel and fires the 45 Colt cartridge. The USFA Pre War Single Action Army is a near-perfect reproduction of the original Colt. Today I was able to nail down 3 unfired USFA single actions from 800- 900 apiece. 45 Colt by Les Schowe. , just like the originals. Available only in historically correct “US Government Cartridge”- 45 Colt, with one-piece walnut grips. iFrameResize(); $('#reviewframe'). A couple of very minor chips almost unnoticeable The Nettleton features the exact cartouche branding and hand-stamped markings as the original. The . The Smith Shop now has USFA Lightning Rifle parts available in limited quantities. USFA and Bar-S grips have gone out of business. Get it as soon as Tue, Oct 29. Walther Arms is a German arms manufacturer with a domestic base now in Arkansas, as the newly formed Walther Arms Inc. Exotic woods, metals, ivory, mother of pearl, stag, and probably other materials were also used for SAA grips. Chambered in 38 Special with 4 3/4” barrels. Colt Single Action Army American Elk Grips Proudly hand-made here in Carol Stream,  24 Jul 2008 File:Usfa-cheney. Handguns Model 1911 R1 Model 1911 R1 A sweet-shooting advancement of America’s most reliable, accurate and enduring handgun. Fire Arms Single Action Army revolvers. with imitation ivory grips, and a Hot Salts Blued finish. Grips include the grip screw for mounting. 45 colt birds head grip ---- super scarce -- hartford built with all american parts -- 7xxxx serial range -- these are next to impossible to find and some of the nicest saa guns built -- turnbull finishes and still retains 95% +++ original condition -- light drag line on cylinder -- excellent original grips -- bisley hammer Arizona Custom Grips 605 followers arizonacustomgrips ( 5585 arizonacustomgrips's feedback score is 5585 ) 99. The same revolver Exhibition French walnut one piece grip off the frame. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ORDER ELEPHANT IVORY GRIPS, IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF N. These grips fit perfectly, feel good in the hand, are attractive, and the grain on my pair actually lines up on the join line at the rear of the grips! These grips do not feel any fatter than the standard plastic grips, and do no impede operation of any of the controls. + USFA Single Action Army - (Sn 26xxx) - . Brand New, unused grips for the U. USFA of Hartford, Connecticut, saw a gap between the Judges and the Governors: single-action revolvers. I received a set of Elk Stag grips I ordered from Sack Peterson back in early January. Ages . Consecutive serial numbers are available at no extra charge - a $100. Fortunately, in 2007, they decided to build a few different 1911 replicas. A Colt with  Genuine stag cowboy six-shooter grips by Sack Peterson. 1 set excellent condition real mother of pearl grips from 1905 model S&W revolver K-frame square butt. The USFA Gunslinger - this is your great-great-grandfather’s gun. USFA, Late model Rodeo and SAA. You may want to order from USFA or check Ajax grips and order a set of their 2nd gens. Co. Open Top revolvers were manufactured during the same period of time that gave us the percussion conversion models of Richard's and Richard's-Mason type but Open Top's were manufactured as an entirely new model and did not use percussion revolver parts. We’ve had more questions about this company’s single-action handguns than for all other makers combined, and we finally were able to obtain a copy of the Rodeo, which is theoretically as well made as USFA’s more finely finished Colt clones, but much less costly because of its simple finish. But, for the money, the Uberti is well made and dependable. Ram's horn makes into yellowish-colored stocks that almost seem to be translucent, is highly prized and extremely beautiful. 4. A beautiful set of custom handgun grips. I asked him to make them thicker than factory with a taper and no bevel on the bottom. 45, BP frame, 4 3/4, with walnut grips. We have grips to fit the standard U. Time and patience will get you thru. One of the first things I expect to do is replace those icky white grips. Overall, this Zip is in good condition with normal usage and handling marks. But as mentioned they all take hand fitting. They feel good, look great, and really set off these USFA . Contact Us Uberti Firearms Uberti Firearms for sale online at discount prices here at Ableammo. Estate sale. 5% to mint. This is a Colt SAA Reproduction by US Firearms, 4¾ inch barrel, chambered in . Premium grade single action with 4 ¾” barrel and wood grips. The more I know about USFA the more I realize that how the guns were built often follows no rhyme or reason for parts or serial numbers. 45 Colt. Standard grips were walnut or black hard rubber. C, AS IT IS PROHIBITED BY LAW. The grips pictured are only representative of the grips you will receive. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation, America’s leading supplier of current and obsolete gun parts, accessories, and military surplus since 1950. All participants will have to sign a waiver before partaking in the tournament, you do not need a USFA membership to compete. You must qualify. 45 Colt revolver. colt saa 45 for sale and auction. A very nice blue and case colored Colt SAA . ALL are unfired, one is a Henry Nettleton 7 1/2 cavalry model, on is a 4 3/4 case hardened/blue with hard rubber grips and the last is a all blue 5 1/2 inch. This is a discussion on Very dumb USFA *(Colt SAA Clone) grip question within the Gunsmithing forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; oK, I have the black hard rubber two piece grips on my USFA Rodeo. More pictures will eventually get posted at a later date. $25 ppd. This is often referred to as a "parts gun" or "transition gun", since USFA continued to use up the Uberti frame blanks in inventory, along with US-made components, as I understand. Originally a . Consecutive Numbered Set USFA Rodeo’s chambered in 45 Colt, with S-Prefix serial numbers, manufactured with 100% U. revolvers, the Cowboys, or the Rodeos  Standard Manufacturing Recreates USFA Colt Style Six-Guns niter blue screws , one piece Turkish walnut grips and polished blue colors are as good as the  Grips that say for COLT SAA will ALSO FIT Colt clones like,--CIMARRON,-- UBERTI,--PIETTA,--USFA,--ARMI SAN MARCO,--BERETTA--GREAT WESTERN II  A USFA single action army with a beautiful piece of Turkish walnut. Fire 101 Fire Resource Site, Fire Jobs, Fire Products, Fire News USFA Fire Equipment Vendors, Fire Gear, Fire Engines, Fire Departments, Fire training Fire degrees FIRE101 . USFA quality 12 shooter. The two single action 45 caliber revolvers were consecutively numbered, JH1 and JH2, and have 7- inch barrels, carved ivory grips and ruby eye inlay. Gunsmith training available. The beautiful satin nickel finish is complemented by Bar-S Tru-Ivory natural white grips. 44 American was the cartridge used in the 1,000 Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolvers issued to the troops. U. PLEASE NOTE: Never send any parts to us without calling or emailing first! We are the exclusive manufacturer of Tru Ivory (heck I invented it). This gun was rescued with a set of original Colt hard rubber grips which are always of the very best quality and look especially nice against color hardening. Uploaded with ImageShack. Custom one-piece grips for Colt SAA's. But not every USFA gun is of the same quality either. This firearm has been refinished by Turnbull Firearms and as natural material grips. 38 Special, but holes have been opened up to . CUSTOMERS: Refer Someone My Account Webmail While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. , West Chester, Pennsylvania. A. 00. Showing 1–8 of 12 results USFA 1911 38 Super New In The Box RARE USFA SAA Rodeo Blue 45 Long Colt In USFA is no longer in business, making these high quality revolvers not only less common than real Colts, but becoming more scarce every day and a special production gun such as this should make a fine addition to any collection. Cowboy - basically a Rodeo with a nicer polished blue finish - but no color case hardening (CCH) and with brown rubber checkered grips (I guess to emulate some aged Colt grips). 1- New USFA loading gate in the white. They are made to your order and can be fit to most all Colt 1st. Absolute Fencing Gear may offer discounts to select school or fencing clubs. TRENDING ON PHOTOBUCKET. Put the originals with the box when I shipped it. A lot of the gold has worn off of the back-strap, otherwise the gold finish is excellent USFA Single Action From Long Hunter's Website: USFA SA revolver with Old Armory Bone Case™ and Dome Blue™ finish. For years I wanted a pair of USFA Single Actions and when I finally had the $ they stopped making them and the price went through the roof. The Original Rodeo® rides into the USFA product line to meet the demand of the SASS enthusiast. 15 Jan 2010 (USFA) in Hartford, CT, proudly announce the USFA/SASS Single Action black hard rubber checkered grips, Cross-Pin frame, Square Notch  FS - very decent set of Merino Rams horn grips for the Ruger New Vaquero. They were custom made for me "in the white" without grips with 5 1/2" barrels and . If you cut short, tape a piece back on and cut it again. Hawes Small Frame Single action Pistol parts. Two piece grips can make it a little easier to inspect, clean and maintain your guns. Probably a little bit more. 4" diameter. WE BUY GUNS! The Original Rodeo® available in . USFA Mfg. Grips have a natural yellow cream color. Buy a colt saa 45 online. This is a C class master engraved and signed under grips. No other firearms, just SAA's, cap and balls and their clones. USFA Stag Grips . Henry Lever All Weather 45-70 $ 816 . So what was the one percent thing that USFA missed on my “1880s single action?” USFA Single Action Army . Cylinder & Slide - Handguns parts and accessories Articles page. They still require springs, action jobs, tuning and can benefit from locking base pins. F Inducted into the 2013 SASS Cowboy Action Shooting Hall of Fame. USFA HOLIDAY HARVEST Open and C class . Don't get me wrong I think the 100% USA made USFA guns are some of the finest SAA hand guns ever built. Find reliable outdoor supplies, apparel, and accessories for your next hunting or camping trip from SWFA Outdoors, the most trusted source for avid sportsmen. 6 out of 5 stars 5. USFA broke my heart. and their later in-house products that I understood the significance. Gunsmith One of the most popular cap-and-ball, single-action revolvers ever made is available again — the Pietta Model 1860 Army . 45 Colt caliber. TAYLORS & CO. The gun show about 95% of it's original color case and blue. I grew up reading Elmer Keith and always admired his ivory-stocked single actions and even more so after. I bought a pair for another gun but have lost the name and address of the manufacturer, which I think was in Arizona or New Mexico. USFA Rodeo 45LC 5 1/2" (LNIB)-- Matte blue finish with factory black checkered grips. Neddleton gun's serial numbers? Serial numbers: 123093 is a early Uberti Neddleton with a USFA roll marked barrel built "under the blue dome". Elephant Ivory Grips Will No Longer Be Available, Except For N. Grips & Accessories; Home / US Firearms US Firearms. klamathriverwoodworks. The Bisley was originally designed as a target revolver. This is a dry tournament! Although you may use your electric weapons there are no scoring machines and the bouts are visually judged. AR15. These are original USFA manufactured parts and most will also fit original Colt Lightning rifles. SN #23198 R Provenance: The Firearms & Militaria Collection of Robert Spangler Jr. 00 total. Sack delivered just what I asked for. You asked what is the best clone of the Colt SAA. 44 American caliber for the 1872 government trials, as the . While this Nettleton has a Uberti frame that was machined by USFA, the barrel, springs, screws, grips, and other small parts are US-sourced. Ages . Single Action Army chambered in 45 Colt with and extra cylinder chambered for 45 ACP with a 4 3/4 inch barrel, bright bore good grooves and the original box. General. Hope to see a Woodsman with 6. M. USFA can also change grips out for you, and they have a pretty good selection. $150 Sig Sauer Grip Set, Rosewood, P228 / P229 Parts. The Iver Johnson Model 50 Sidewinder is a double action revolver designed to look like a classic single action. We stock premium accessories including sights, grips, holsters, magazines, AR-15 parts, ammo cans and any other gun part you may need to enhance and personalize your individual firearm. . Custom Handguns. Fire Arms Mfg. This gun does not appear to be fired but it does have an ultra-light turn mark (you really have to look to see it Click for more info A S&W Heavy Duty 45 Colt with French walnut grips in the "coke" shape. USFA Hard Rubber grips are standard. It was only after I started researching U. USFA or U. 22 Long Rifle. We are a full line dealer of USFA. $100 ppd. Performance. They can also be fitted to Pietta, Uberti, Ruger XR3 and USFA Colt clones. The Perfect Mating Of Iron To Hand,Eagle grips,Gunfighter Grips, s&w Model 29 products. Welcome to Absolute Fencing Gear! Absolute Fencing Gear, headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment and services for Olympic-style fencing. Can't wait for the magazine "Road Tests" on the Woodsman. These 1873 revolvers are truly shooting works of art! Altamont Beretta Bianchi Browning Bushnell Chiappa Choate Colt Ed Brown Empire Pewter FNH USA Freedom Arms Glock Henryrifles HKS Hogue Kimber Les Baer LPA Magnum Research Marlin Mc Millan Mossberg Nighthawk Custom Nordic Components Pioneer Gunworks Remington Ruger Schmeisser Sig Sauer Smith & Wesson Springfield STI Thompson Center Uberti Uncle USFA RODEO II RETAIL VALUE - Answered by a verified Firearms Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. “US” hard rubber grips are standard on all base models. USA guns have better profiled grips behind the frame and trigger guard. C&S'S TAKE ON THE SAA Handgunner shamelessly endorses the concept of handguns as a "high art" form. All the other . Each of our pistolsmiths builds your complete custom revolver or custom auto from start to finish. 816 Models sport handsome grips, premium finishes, six-shot cylinders, authentic fixed sights and round barrels. Age and use will only enhance the character of this gun. Specializing in the Colt SAA "Peacemaker" and it's variants. Transfer bars provide safe, reliable operation. Gunslinger - depending on your perspective, an antiqued Rodeo or USFA Single Action Army. Club Corner This forum is for club owners or managers to share helpful tips and ideas about all aspects of running a fencing club. GunAuction. The same revolver pictured above in full view showing the nice factory engraving. Sign up. He needs the grip frames attached to the revolvers in order to get a perfect fit. A Colt with beautiful ivory in a one piece stock. Every single pair of our grips are HAND-CARVED in our Shop and many are custom fitted to our customer's parts. Beautiful NIB, 5. USFA and SASS have teamed up to produce the SASS Single Action revolver. Gun is immaculate with very minimal wear. 45, however, I fought the feeling and this . These grips are compatible with either Generation 2 or Generation 3 Single Action Army pistols and are simple to install. I have tested one Standard six-gun and the accuracy is exquisite, hand fitting tight, color case receivers and hammer (the colors like you have never seen), niter blue screws, one piece Turkish walnut grips and polished blue colors are as good as the original American made USFA single actions and far superior to anything Colt has ever produced I have just earlier written to USFA, about whether such custom grips as their Tru Ivory, or either one, or two piece Walnut Grips can be bought outright from them, and then get a proper, correct precise fit, or must the firearm be sent back to them for custom fitting-installation? Thanks, Mark The matte “blue” (actually black to my eye) and the hard rubber grips made the weapon look uninspiring, to say the least. 1,815 likes · 5 talking about this. We carry a large selection of Uberti revolvers including 1860 remodels. Welcome to Hogue, Inc. com an excellent set of elk stags for the USFA SAA. It is a good solid clone, but that is not what you asked for. This is a USFA Rodeo II in 38 special with a satin nickel finish 5 1/2" barrel 2-piece burlwood checkered grips. Calibers: 32 WCF, 38 Special, 38 WCF, 44 Special, 44 WCF, 45 Colt . We offer our 1873 single action revolvers with your choice of deep bluing and nickel frames and barrel or color case hardened frame, all polished to perfection. Hawes Large Frame Single Action Pistol parts. 45 Colt or . Not tremendously so, but enough to be noticeable. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Spectacular and ready for a new home. I like these grips, they sure fit my hand better than the slim USFA factory grips. technology and handcraft is the foundation of USFA's focus of continuous . For that, it would be the ones made by United States Fire Arms, USFA, from Hartford CT. 45, 4 3/4, BP frame, walnut grips. www. The Last USFA 45-ACP Cylinders unused silver medallion grips are the rarest of the rare and were created by the old Colt custom shop for the beautiful model 1903 I kept the grips cuz I have a Gunslinger model and they shud fit. Serial # is 21xxx. These grips are made from checkered wood and feature a stylish Colt logo on each grip. Item #H12764 $2250 + USFA Single Action Army China Camp model - (Sn CC505) - . I've sort of done some homework, realize there's a number of sub-manufacturers, such as Taylor's (Smokewagon), Cimarron, and of course the other players in 1873 replicas, such as USFA, and of course Colt. I have had Brian Neely of www. S. 45 Colt, with pre-ban elephant ivory grips, Color Case Hardened frame, loading gate, and hammer, and a Charcoal blue finish with Nitre blued screws. A 5. The first Colt Single Action Army prototypes were manufactured in . Precision. Please Note - We do not sell handguns. The grips are intact with no cracks, splits, or chips, only a few minor dings and a small scratch on the bottom of the left panel. I have been giving some serious consideration about changing the grips on my blue SAA to either a one piece ivory from TruIvory, or a one piece Buckeye Burl from Outlaw Grips in Tuscon, AZ. The reason is that both Colt and S&W (and I think USFA) fitted the grips to the unfinished frame, then polished them down together before sending the frame off to be final polished and blued. The bore looks like new and the action functions the same. It comes with the original black cardboard box (no end label) and includes the owner's manual, warranty card, and USFA gun sock. Grips were smooth, checkered, or carved in various patterns. Since our formation in 1971, Eagle grips has become has grown to become the largest manufacturer of hand crafted handgun Grips. Sack Peterson Cowboy Grips. 75 6 Round Ivory Synthetic Grip Blued Engr  Blue, case color, with walnut checkered grips. The new Colt grips are not the same. Impact Guns is the gun shop for all your shooting needs. 45 LC caliber revolver. E. Plus they look great! The Makarov has workable grips to begin with, but they aren't the best out there and many American imports have horrid grips. Unfortunately, the owner stopped making the SAA and decided to make some kind of zip gun. Usfa Rodeo . How does it stack up with a Colt or would you wait for a Colt? 70+ channels, unlimited DVR storage space, & 6 accounts for your home all in one great price. As a fan of US Firearms and someone that owned 8 different USFA Single Action's from 2005 onward I have followed things in the company closer that most. Hi guys, I recently started fencing epee and am trying to find a good grip for me, however none feel great due to my weird pencil grip! My club members advocate for the pistol grip, but it feels extremely unnatural to me. parts. The grips fit well and are in excellent condition, retaining all of their original finish, with only one very minor handling ding. in Hartford, CT. A close up of the right panel. 22 LR The gun has no distinct grip, and users must use their index and middle finger   3 Jun 2017 Spend a day with USFA Armorer Dennis Crumpler and get your A small pair of vise grips to hold the blade while tightening the barrel; Box  The USFA Double Eagle is a modified Colt 1873 SAA clone with a birdshead grip and a low-profile Bisley hammer. These rock-solid all-steel revolvers feature a matte blue finish, hard rubber grips, and a beveled cylinder to facilitate easy shell removal. It now wears the ivory grips that were on the . This revolver features a 4 ¾” barrel, hard rubber grips, a cross-pin frame and nickel finish. The Gunslinger is now sporting a smooth white polymer that has aged and matches the aged look of the Gunslinger. This gun is in excellent condition and is covered by Dury's Lifetime Warranty. No cracks. , polished in the white finish, bullseye ejector head, factory two-piece checkered hard rubber grips. HANDGUN GRIPS Pachmayr pistol and revolver grips are made of the highest quality real rubber compounds. For their American built revolvers, USFA ran a CNC shop and operated it for a relatively few years. Joe Perkins Outlaw Grips - USFA Single Action. Shop By Gun Manufacturers on Numrich Gun Parts - your source for hard to find parts and accessories. Manufacturer’s Description. The grips are original hard rubber and are numbered to the gun, although the faded pencil marks are difficult to see. 3rd Grip It and Rip It HS (Canceled). If you prefer, you can also purchase grips by check, cash, or money order if you order by phone. Has been Gold plated and has genuine stag grips. USFA SAA 45LC, NIB, Engraved, Sim Ivory Grips. Excellent condition with box. 5" barrel Designed by Major Schofield of U. Firearms Mfg. on Tuesday and in the case sits this Pre-War , Black Power Frame with Tru Ivory grips. Included with this item is the factory box and paperwork. Grips read US and side says 45 COLT? Ideas? Cimarron MP415 Model P SAA Revolver . The revolver made its debut at the 1894 British Commonwealth Championship Match in Bisley, England. So the 1st generation and the USFAs are close. $207. USFA SAA Rodeo II Matched Set. 45lc Matte Finish Colt SAA . Wood grips on the US guns? Pronounced flats on the grip to frame junction might well indicate a Uberti gun. If he makes one-piece ivory grips from customer supplied ivory, his current labor charges are $200. For reasons known only to the Colt marketing department, New Frontier revolvers have traditionally been fitted with wood grips of the most unattractive wood possible. OG1401 1873 Cattleman Outlaw Legacy Engraved Single . Colt Single Action Army . It features a crisp trigger, dovetailed rear and front sights, precision-machined slide and frame, and checkered double-diamond walnut grips. This gun has beautiful fit, finish, an For 1-piece grips secured by the backstrap, remove the grip, reassembly the backstrap, and cut a 3 x 5 index card so it fits the gun just like the backside of the grip. F. Colt's Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. We have built grips for all types of gun makers, movie industry and avid enthusiasts. , home to a proud family tradition of American quality and innovation since 1968. Please Note: I make all the grips by hand and receive so many orders that custom made grip delivery takes an average 90 days. Firearms (USFA) Premium Grade single action in . If you can't wait, please don't order! I'm working as fast as possible. USFA Revolvers are some of the finest 100% American made Cowboy Action® revolvers on the market today. 38 Special, with 4-¾" or 5-½" barrel. $39. NIB just like she left the factory. Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in gun parts, 100000 gun parts, 2000 gun stocks, 1000 magazines, 500 barrels. I've done a couple of articles on clones of the 1873 Colt 'Single Action Army'/'Peacemaker' line of guns: Six Shooter Week — Uberti El Patrón Competition U. Current Pricing. • Grip screws should be tightened to 12 in/lbs of torque with a correct fitting 3/32" hex driver. $200. Cartridge”- 45 Colt, with one-piece walnut grips. My original intent was simply to document the Kolb specimen I collected, but there is so little information about the Baby Hammerless on the internet that I thought I should at least record the various manufacturers and types, and provide what history I can find. by Les Schowe. When you have it right, send it to me. Not the case with the USFA. Our grips recently used on guns for The Colt Custom Gun Shop, The Colt Collectors Association, and We have a beautifully engraved 7 1/2" USFA for sale. Author's favorite holster for the Pre War SAA is this Johnny Bates fleece-lined unit. Pythons are a glaring example; it's hard to find a nice 95+% model for less than $2k, and the 3" python I could have bought for $1k ten years ago is now $4k+. I think the Woodsman will be more realistically priced and could prove to be popular with us old farts who still like blued steel and wood grips. It took six months to develop this finish. Custom Pistolsmithing. 99 $ 39. Okay John, so how do I make this work? Like I said, I will prepay for the gun and overnight, fully insured shipping but if that does not work, what can I do to make the deal happen. Both are as NIB, complete with USFA factory boxes with matching labels numbered to revolvers, USFA socks, cleaning brushes & manuals. INC. They build single action revolvers and extremely good ones at that. Grips for SAA Colts and Colt Clones, Also for the Ruger NEW Vaquero. Cheaper Than Dirt! has gun parts and accessories for almost every caliber rifle, handgun and shotgun. gif. SA73-1911/LC and SA73-1915/LC models feature octagonal barrels, wide turned-down hammers, steel backstraps and trigger guards, checkered grips and color-case-hardened frames. This discount only applies to the school orders and coaches orders. One-piece grips have a cleaner, classier and more expensive look. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. My take is as follows: Produced everything completely in house including the screws. A USFA single action army with a beautiful piece of Turkish walnut. File; File Grips are two-piece aged ivory. This gun is factory silver plated, ivory grips and engraved. Handgun grips can be crafted from a myriad of materials such as ivory, ram's horn, or USFA, add great stocks, and you've the recipe for a lifetime of enjoyment. USFA/SASS Single Action Revolver With Old Armory Bone Case™ and Dome Blue™ finish, Old Armory Bone Case™ hammer, black hard rubber checkered grips, Cross-Pin frame, Square Notch Rear sights, and Square front blade sights. Hunting loads for USFA Single Action. The solution to MANY complaints about the Makarov is the Fab Defense Shooting my Model 24 on the Fourth , I said to myself " You really need a Single Action in 44 Special " . The mechanics are in good working order and the bore is excellent. Very dumb USFA *(Colt SAA Clone) grip question. Cool Hand G10 Grips for CZ 75 Full Size, CZ 75 SP-01 Series, Shadow 2, 75B BD, Screws Included. Anything to be concerned about? Finally, not a big deal but the Colt grips fit better than the USFA grips. Thank you. frame and “aged' Ivory grips. United States Fire-Arms’ New "Old" Gunslinger Sixgun by Jeff Quinn. 7% Positive Feedback Welcome to my eBay Store. 22 magnum. 410 handgun market has been driven and defined by the popular Taurus Judge series of double-action revolvers. A close up below Beautiful full figured black walnut A wonderful piece of black walnut Grips made to fit Colt Single Action Army as well as Colt Clones like CIMARRON,--UBERTI,--PIETTA,--USFA,--ARMI SAN MARCO,--BERETTA--GREAT WESTERN II and AMERICAN WESTERN ARMS. Base Price for Combat Carry $3695. Either one will have to be fitted tho. Consecutively Numbered Set USFA Rodeo’s In 45 Colt. Howdy. I can't promise a specific ship date, as it will vary with circumstances. A one-piece grip won't come loose and you can't lose the screw. Please refer to the title and description on this page before you place your order. Many quality revolvers have been appreciating in the past year or two, especially rare variations. #friendframe'). The grips on this page fit the Ruger® * New Model Blackhawk®, New Model Super Blackhawk®, New Model Single-Six®, Old Army, and Vaquero® (Old Model, XR3-RED frame). FIRE ARMS SAA AGED DISTRESSED IVORY GRIPS ~ U. I realize most of you might suggest the USFA Brand, that they are the creme de la creme, and of course you'll pay for such better quality. This is the reason for their high cost, they don't use anything but the best to make their USFA revolvers. It featured a long grip frame for its target grips and a wide target hammer with a low profile. Sack Peterson Cowboy Grips USptFA / USFA built from Uberti sourced parts say   All the guns had hard-rubber grips (or plastic that looked like it) except the Uberti, Not even Colt's did that job on its new gun as well as USFA, though we're  This is a used USFA Zip 22 chambered in . Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. $3095(32371) Les Schowe’s Engraved Single Action Army Revolver. We Will Be Adding More Grips in the Future. Us Firearms makes some of the highest quality Colt styel single action revolvers available. Buy BONE STAG GRIPS USFA SINGLE ACTION REVOLVER: GunBroker is the largest seller of Pistol Grips Pistol Parts Gun Parts All Leskovec just happens to have the original pattern of the imitation stag grips used by Wild Bill so it seemed fitting to have the . Looking for a COLT SAA For Sale? Quickly Find an in stock COLT SAA for Sale at over 1600 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! Get the Best Price! Rodeo II - new offering in "satin nickel" with checkered USFA burlwood grips. ) Grips and stocks can change both the look and function of your firearm. From the mundane to the staggering, you've seen it on our pages and will continue to do so. grips. New bushing included. These include medallions, 24 LPI checkering and an inlay of Cape Buffalo horn for the diamond. Starting At : $2,995. Featuring Matte Blue finish with 5 ½” barrels, fitted with black checkered U. Single Action style I have Fishpaw grips in figured walnut on a Custom Ruger Flattop, the very unusual Snakewood on a Colt Single Action, and ram's horn on a TLA Improved No. With the exception of the very early guns, eventually all USFA parts (I think except the grips) were produced in house. It features a 5-inch barrel, 3-dot sights, one 25-round magazine, safety, and polymer grip panels. The USFA hard rubber grips are thin and comfortable and stay on the guns. Inherit yours today! Gunslinger shown above with 7-1/2” barrel, Cross Pin frame and “aged’Ivory grips. Cowboy grips for Colt single actions are supplied oversize and will require fitting to the gun's grip frame. After the tests, the Colt was declared the superior revolver and the government specified that a . 00; Additional Features Shown - Light weight Alloy frame; Ion-Bond Matte Finish; Novak wide notch rear sight with Gold Bead front post The 1871-1872 Open Top was the forerunner of the famous and ever popular 1873 Colt 'Model P' or Peacemaker. 45s are essentially the same pistol mechanically with some very minor and one major difference on the exterior. 5″, 4″ or  This is a USFA SAA . With the success of the Judge, other manufacturers have released new or favorite this post Oct 30 Heavy Grips - 300 LBS - Build Huge Forearms & Crushing Grip $15 (Abbotsford) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Have custom grips on three other USFA's. Left and right grips in exquisite rosewood for your SIG SAUER P228 or P229. usfa-uszipnmb22 Stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer do not necessarily represent the actual item being purchased. Features a special clear coating to protect against elements and corrosion. Fitting grips is tough even with original guns and original grips. Army the Schofield Revolver was an improvement and up-grade of earlier top-break Single Action revolvers produced in the line of the legendary firearms company Smith & Wesson. New owner inquired why three digit number on inside of grips did not match the serial number of the gun. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for U. Handling the revolver and operating the hammer, cylinder, and trigger confirmed what I’d read. is the only firearm company still manufacturing in the City of Hartford, CT. Checkering is not needed. Just wondering what the going price would be on a USFirearms Storekeeper,3 1/2 inch barrel with ejector,has Bisley casehardened hammer,factory grips, 45 colt,about 98% condition with box papers ect. We have 30 years experience and can make all pistol and gun grips. From the Colt Model 1911 to the Winchester Model 1907 and beyond, AMC's western TV series 'The Son' features an impressive arsenal on the Texas border. 45 now wears ivories. As you say the stock grips seem too small, but Brian's one piece are a little larger and much easier to handle. 45 long Colt caliber, US marked checkered gutta percha grips, 5 1/2" barrel. 020" larger diameter cylinder (than all the Colts) with the exception of the Cavalry Model which is true to the original Colt cyl dimensions. If you think Italian is common or one of the other weirdo grips is legal, please provide a citation. Colt single action Army revolver, . USFA seems to have some nice stuff but they sure don't advertise much, I ran across them by accident. Long Hunter prepared, normal holster wear, extra pair of rosewood grips for each made by me. I have a USFA Bisley Flat top target and a USFA Sheriffs model but the Double Eagle is the one I really want to add to the group. These were manufactured in Colt's old factory. Bighorn with beautiful colors on a USFA. This is a USFA 45LC with a 5 1/2 inch barrel. Show as new in box, but no box or paper goods. The USFA Double Eagle is a modified Colt 1873 SAA clone with a birdshead grip and a low-profile Bisley hammer. 5 and a USFA Single Action. 5 1/2" barrel, wood grips (in good condition), finish on the frame and cylinder is blue and in good condition. USFA Pre-War 45 Colt 4. This gun has beautiful fit, finish, an While this Nettleton has a Uberti frame that was machined by USFA, the barrel, springs, screws, grips, and other small parts are US-sourced. I thought it pricey at the time but in looking back I'm certainly glad I made the buy. If you arrive late we may be able to squeeze you into the pools. The early history of the Baby Hammerless revolver is a bit murky, but the variants of the gun are well documented. Light and tougher than damnitt, they are perfect for a working outdoorsman’s gun. The USFA Henry Nettleton is an exact number for number re-creation of the original, using exact old style hand numbering. 44 Caliber Black Powder Revolver. favorite this post Oct 30 Girls/Women Cleats $15 (Mission) hide this posting restore restore this posting. It would (still) be nice if we had a chart of various grips and what various places call them. This is a used USFA Zip 22 chambered in . • Our grips are designed to work with factory hardware. us Altamont's walther Grips. Colt logos, Colt medallions, and the American eagle are found on most SAA grips, but not by any means on all. USFA 1911 The last 1911 I'm going to discuss costs about four times the price of some of the others. All original Colts with wood grips were one piece. HN 47169 Uberti gun I can't find a new Colt SAA so I am looking at getting a used unfired USFA SAA with walnut grips, blackpowder frame, case color hammer and factory action job for $1095. Original grips are not present. We offer a wide selection of firearms, including: handguns, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, rifle scopes and optics, as well as collectible machine guns and other NFA/Class 3 guns. Another view below. Many Single Action Revolver Parts, Bob's Gun Shop, Hawes Single Action Pistol parts. BY: Roy Hunington. 44 Specials outfitted with Elliott’s stocks. USFA, Rodeo, Cowboy ^ at the best online prices at eBay! Summary: The description, specs, photos and MSRP for the USFA Double Eagle revolvers. Quality "Cowboy Action" Gunsmithing Located in Montana Territory. Grips furnished as standard were checkered hard rubber with a “US” molded into the top part of the grip. 45 LC 7. Please see our photos and good luck! The frame retains 99%+ of its original color case hardened finish. 50 shipped, message to The sights are what really make it Very easy to see. 22 LR SAA (Plinker) w/ an extra magnum cylinder that I also bought. 44 Special (grips on the Colt are Big Horn Sheep - by Persinger) Engraved US Firearms Colt Replica Single Action Army Replica, SAA, . Both the USFA 1910 and 1911 . Here you'll find the best grips and stocks including 1911 Grips, Beretta 92 Grips, and Glock 17 Stocks along with many more. Due to space limitations, USFA built an additional production location outside of the Blue Dome in order to accommodate their CNC machinery. sackpeterson. Bob Leskovec of Precision Pro Grips is an artist of the highest order. Beautiful. 38-40, 4 3/4" bbl. Exhibition French walnut one piece grip off the frame. Select simulated ivory or walnut grips. and 2nd generation single action army models. The over lapping vine scroll pattern used throughout is similar to that found on Colt's 1876 Philadelphia panel guns, as is the design on the cylinder. Any grip that works on a 1st or 2nd gen Colt's ought to work on a USFA. Usually I throw factory made single action grips in a heap in the corner because they are far too thick, especially the hard rubber types. I took a set of grips that I had made for a Colt 1st generation and managed to get them to sorta fit on a USFA. USFA’s revolvers have many of the features of a pre-war Colt Single Action Army and are 100-percent made in the U. Firearms manufacturing in Hartford Edit. Accuracy. 45 caliber revolver. Please note shipping charge for combined items is only $5. The firearm  11/0911/10. 00 savings! All standard USFA markings will remain on the gun. Thanks for stopping by. Barrel lengths: 4¾", 5½", 7½". Black, hard rubber grips, cross pin frame, case colored hammer. This revolver, clad in smooth wood There are only two kinds of grips in use in competitive sport fencing, pistol and french. located in Fremont NE is your true custom handgun shop. This ivory is at least 10,000 years old, and we use only the best quality to insure that they are as tough as modern elephant ivory but with Arizona Custom Grips 605 followers arizonacustomgrips ( 5583 arizonacustomgrips's feedback score is 5583 ) 99. Click the thumbnails for a gorgeous enlarged view and description of the type of wood! I picked up a NIB consecutive numbered pair of 4 ¾ USFA Custom Competition Rodeos in 45 LC today. 45 Colt, 5 1/2" bbl. Customers/Residents After 7/5/16. 00 shipping. Current grip types that I make are below. God&huntingdogs, I forgot to mention that the USFA has a . This USFA Artillery Revolver from Colt is a six-shot revolver chambered in 45 LC. 45 SAA. This is what I am hoping USFA will duplicate for me in . We simply provide this information as a resource for people who may be in the market to buy or sell a handgun, or who are simply researching a particular handgun model. Founded by Carl Walther over 100 years ago, this company has specialized primarily in the development of pistols. Military and comercial. I would also put one-piece grips on guns that are mostly for showing off. Largely unavailable anywhere else, these parts will enable custom pistol-smiths and shooters alike to easily produce front sight installations that meet their specific requirements. com Fire Resources, Fire News, Fire Jobs Single Action Army Revolver . Date, 24 ( USFA) Custom Shop engraving on a single-action army revolver. Shows as new, no box. I'd rate this revolver 99. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select, or press tab to cycle through suggested products based on autocomplete results. USFA decided to outsource their internal parts and grips and use USA steels. 45 Colt, SN: A858. Luckily, back in 2005/2006 I ordered a USFA, . 410s are double-action (and the Thunder 5 can be carried cocked and locked, with is just laughtacular). Every Hogue product — from handgun grips to long gun stocks to specialty knives to gear and accessories — is built in the spirit of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and complete dedication to the legacy of founder Guy Hogue, carried into the next generation by his sons Aaron and Gunner Products makes custom Mammoth (Mastodon), Elephant Ivory , Exotic Exhibition grade wood 1911 gun grips and provides Mammoth(Mastodon) & WALRUS Ivory to the gun and knife trades. This is my FTT . 1 May 2015 Don't get me wrong I think the 100% USA made USFA guns are some of the finest "USFA Ser # 58988, . Even the grips got my approval. USFA Bisley Value. 45 Colt Auction: 15677683. — A Look at the Premier “Colt” Model 1873 Single Action But today I’m going to present something even more rare than the USFA listed… Up for bid is a pair of competition ready, consecutively numbered, USFA Rodeo II’s. SALES OF ELEPHANT IVORY ONLY IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA Mammoth & Mastodon Ivory Pistol Grips: Made from genuine woolly mammoth and mastodon ivory from Alaska, the Yukon and Siberia (all legal to ship world wide with the exceptions of New York and New Jersey). I have acquired a pair from a widow. There are many people making custom grips for SAAs. :D So I walk into Boise Gun Co. , Armory Blue,  USFA Single Action From Long Hunter's Website: USFA SA revolver with Old Armory Bone Case™ and Dome Blue™ finish. 46-7-13 This light-weight . USFA Hard Rubber grips are  5 Apr 2013 USFA says ZiP is the code for The Future of Fun™ and claims that “The That said, the grip angle is exactly vertical, and if you think a Block is  The USFA ZiP. April 13th, 2005 Over the past few years, I have come to expect certain things from United States Fire-Arms (USFA). Right: Image of the USFA/SASS standard model with black hard rubber checkered grips. It is said that Uberti has made parts for Beretta, Taurus, Charles Daly, USFA, and even Colt. The grips are scrimshawed in the same vine scroll motif and highlighted with indigo ink. As soon as I get my USFA SAA back straps, trigger guards, and ivory slabs back from Bar S Grips I'll send everything to him through his FFL dealer. 45 Colt, with Pre-Ban Elephant Ivory grips, Color Case Hardened frame, loading gate, and hammer, and a Charcoal Blue finish with Nitre Blued screws. Unlike other grips made of synthetics Pchmayr handgun grips are specially formulated to give you long life great fel and true recoil reduction. The USFA Model 1911 is basically a re-creation on the original Model 1911 with the long trigger, flat mainspring housing and double diamond checkered wood grips. They made a great gun at a great price and could have basically owned the market, and Doug Donnally basically just threw it away. Each USFA/SASS Single Action Revolver will be built to specification and features an Old Armory Bone Case™ and Dome Blue™ finish, Old Armory Bone Case™ Hammer, black hard rubber checkered grips, Cross-Pin frame, Square Notch Rear sight, and Square Front Blade sight. AJAX ® Grips Established 1970 AJAX ® has been a leader of premium handgun grips in the firearms industry for over 40 years. The one stop shop for reproduction pistol grips, buttplates, grip caps and hardware, Vintage Gun Grips. usfa double eagle . 50 AE sports a set of Roy’s dall sheep horn grips which are of striking color and grain. 99. They are worth every penny of whatever it is that’s the prevailing MSRP for new Sambar stag grips. With a remarkable selection of SW1911's, Smith & Wesson continues its tradition of innovation and its commitment to bringing shooters the finest quality high performance firearms. Connecting families, communities and businesses since 1997 HOME · HELP · CONTACT US: WEBMAIL · MY ACCOUNT · USE POLICY. Built @ 2006. Shot Pistols are available with a 2-inch standard barrel topped with a gold bead sight, or a 2½-inch no-sights M4 flash hider vented barrel. A true custom gunsmith. Last I looked there were quite a few 12/22s for sale on GunBroker. usfa Sort By: --Select-- Product Name Ascending Product Name Descending Most Recent Oldest to Newest Price Ascending Price Descending Manufacture Ascending Manufacture Descending FIREARMS Many Single Action Revolver Parts, Bob's Gun Shop, Hawes Single Action Pistol parts. 1- USFA cylinder in the white. Most single action grips require some fitting. This does not apply to the individual fencers. This is a discussion on USFA Bisley Value within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; Any idea what the current value of a USFA Bisley (NIB) 32-20 with fixed sights,5 1/2" barrel, and black hard rubber grips is ? The Colt SAA Wood Grips are a pair of wooden grips for the Colt Single Action Army pistol. The bore and cylinders are bright and shiny with no frosting, corrosion, or pitting. A set like this can’t be very easily provided by today’s dealers. Is the grip frame on a USFA SAA the same as a Colt SAA and what generation? Is the location pin one of the small ones or a large one? I know the AWAs are close but not the same and the grips do not interchange. This profile is for any grip-frame on Colt, USFA, Ruger Vaquero, and all 1800 Reproductions. They have been tuned and have great trigger pulls (they included Long Hunter Jim Finch Certificates). Recently traded a USFA 12-22 that I had put a set of custom grips on. Also, shown with the optional white hard rubber checkered grips. The model is available in 3. 1st Gen Single Action made in 1910. C. 45 caliber U. Cylinder & Slide Inc. I was tempted to keep them on the USFA . Rodeo, about $500. 22 Long Rifle, commonly known as the USFA ZiP Gun, is a. 45 - the USFA is a . 41 barrel stock. Enfield and Mauser. (Building out proper flooring, membership, marketing, etc. The action (trigger/hammer) looks and operates exactly like any other double action Bowen Classic Arms offers a wide variety of front sight blades for popular Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Colt/USFA revolvers. The only part that US Firearms didn't make was the rubber grips. Our Frontier Series showcases all of our top quality features and finishes. 41 Special once they get some . USFA 2nd Annual Evansville Class C Bash. com Browning HI-POWER BLUE WITH WOOD GRIPS NO BOX 1971 Sack Peterson Cowboy Grips April 10 · Here's an esoteric piece of insight that comes from me and a customer contemplating a grip job: The black USA made USFA grips go on a Standard MFG SAA as if they were made for it. Hogue Cowboy are traditional single action grips which add individuality and a custom look to your revolver. The Colt is a . 5-inch barrel is adorned with a notch rear sight and a blade front sight. No idea what they are other than what you see. com make one piece grips for several of my USFA Single Actions. Items 1 - 8 of 8 Colt SAA Grips There are 8 products in this category. Stock items (medallions, screws, specials) usually ship within 10 days. The 3rd generation Colt grips have nothing to do with anything else Here is a photo of the semi-fossilized bone grips I made. iFrameResize(); var imagezoom_options = { zoomWidth: 280, zoomHeight: 270 Shootists 20th Anniversary USFA compared to a 1st Generation Colt SAA. USFA Ultimate Sixgun C&S's take on the SAA. Sell your colt saa 45 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! U. 00 Sign up for updates. Both Feature 4 ¾” barrels with Matte Blue finish with color casehardened hammers, fitted with black checkered U. the gun is left untouched by this USFA developed process. jdpresslasvegas's Bucket / Paul Persinger Walnut Grips - USFA; MORE ALBUMS BY jdpresslasvegas. Gun is 100% new in the box. One of the most beautiful sets of woods grips ever made, these one-piece grips of fancy French walnut show clearly Roy’s canny understanding of great I figured I would snap a couple of photos of a very unique pair of USFA SAA's I finally got after waiting almost a year for them. I personally think unless something is visibly stamped "Uberti" I don't think it detracts from the gun. Fire Arms has been in business for a long, long time. Please consider looking at our Siberian Mammoth Ivory & Fossilized Walrus Ivory Grips. photography by Jeff Quinn. 5in 6rd Blued Free shipping on firearms! Order online or call today! Final question: USFA Rodeo in . Factory hard rubber grips in both cases. The grips are excellent also, free of wear, cracks or chips. The gun has a 4 3/4” barrel and walnut grips. COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. My stag grips fit Rodeos and premium USFA single actions. On the USFAs it's like they stick out a little too far on the bottom. I am looking for a maker of facsimile Stag/Horn grips for a USFA Single Action. Guns of the Old West Guns of ‘The Son’: 16 Models Used in AMC’s New Western TV Series. Made from different grades of Claro or English Walnut or Rosewood and finished in hand rubbed tung-oil. usfa grips

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